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Diabetic Socks Designed to help people with Diabetes or those who require a more specialised sock.

Products on the Diabetic Shop web site include

 Sharpsafe, safe storage containers for used contaminated syringes needles and vials.

 Frio Insulin cooler travel bags used when travelling with insulin helps keep insulin cool for maximum effect when travelling

 HYPOSTOP GLUCOGEL, fast acting glucose gel used to help prevent hypos

 Accucheck, accu chek compact, plus, Aviva, advantage II, active, blood testing monitors Strips and softclix lancets.

 Diapak insulin travel cooler bags, helps to keep insulin cool while travelling

 Medicool, a selection of diabetic items from Medicool

 Accuchek blood monitors and blood testing strips

 Accucheck lancets and finger prickers

 Accuchek blood testing strips

 Cavalier, sugar free chocolate bars and gift boxes

 Golightly, sugar free sweets

 Belberry, sugar free jam

 Sterets pre-injection wipes

 Medi-tag SOS lifesaving jewellery pendant bracelets and necklaces instant alerts for paramedics and medical staff

 DiaSox diabetic socks specially designed sock to help people living with diabetes

 Ascensia Lancets

 Insulin travel case Cooler bags

 Ketostix urine testing strips used to measure ketones in the urine also used in the Dr Atkins diet to measure Carb burn

 HYPO-FIT used to help prevent hypos also a fast acting energy supplement for sportsmen and sportswomen

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Anti-microbial fabric helps protect against fungal growth and bacteria.

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DIASOX Cotton Socks


The MOST comfortable fitting sock for those with "wide" feet, ankles or calves.

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CARESOX PLUS Wide fit socks


Non elastic Non binding for proper circulation.


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Diabetic Socks  Designed for people with Diabetes, Arthritis and Foot  Pain

Caresox Plus

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A selection of Specialist Diabetic Socks for people suffering with diabetes